‘Tis the Season!

With the new year rapidly approaching, many of us are considering our resolutions for the up-coming year. MICAN is going to challenge everyone to fill out their FAFSA as a new year resolution! January marks the beginning of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This January, all of the MICAN schools will be participating in the FAFSA Completion Project, which aims at getting all of our students within the Montcalm and Ionia area to file their FAFSA. There is a 90% correlation with those who finish their FAFSA application and those who enroll in college.

The MICAN mobile unit will also start traveling this January to various locations within Montcalm and Ionia counties. Anyone who needs assistance applying to college or filing financial aid paperwork can come to the mobile unit, where we have lap-tops and internet access in order to help those in need of help! This is an absolutely FREE resource for those interested. Locations and dates will be posted soon!


Happy Holidays! 

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Michaela Cortese

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