Becoming a Freshman in high-school can be quite an adjustment, and we don’t want to overload our students, however we must remind them that their ultimate goal for high-school is to graduate and head off to college or some kind of training beyond high-school. This doesn’t mean that they should be concerned with filling out college applications or writing their admissions essays yet, but could include talking to a counselor or teacher about college, keeping an eye on their grades, and being involved.

Now that the first semester is over and students have had time to adjust and explore, now would be a great time to remind your student of that ultimate goal. When considering how to talk to your student about college and his/her future one resource to utilize is Big Future, from the College Board.


Below is a link to an article about getting your 9th grader to think about what is to come, I recommend reading this article and going on to the Big Future website. Big Future is a tool for not only parents, but should students as well. It is user friendly and has information for various age-groups!


Freshman Year:  The Big Picture,

By Jennifer Karan, Executive Director, SAT Program



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